There are special considerations in ensuring the safety of your customers when snow and ice create hazards in entryways and paths. Snow and ice can be both aesthetically displeasing and dangerous, and can even lead to violations of municipal codes. There is no reason to leave these hazards in your newly designed outdoor space. Instead, contact us for help. Groen Landscape offers landscape snow removal and ice management services, enabling you to stay focused on running your business.

To clean your property quickly and efficiently, we have separate crews, independent from the plowing crews who are dedicated to walk cleaning only. We utilize treated de-icing salt that is safer for our environment, your parking lot, driveway and walks. We provide prompt and reliable service, including 24-hour monitoring during winter storms.

Weather pattern monitoring

Ready-to-go crews

Curb-to-curb property clearing

Pre-season planning

Pre-treatment services

groen snow removal