Holiday Lighting & decor

All Indiana and Illinois homeowners look forward to the holiday season, when they can adorn their exterior with colorful, bright lighting and décor. There is no better way to welcome guests and family members into your home than by creating a magical experience with your festive decorations. The problem is that the process is time-consuming and physically demanding. From planning and designing to installation, you could spend as many hours as a full-time job and some projects put you at risk of injury.

We can assist with creating an exterior holiday decorating plan that makes your home feel extra warm and inviting during the season. Whether you want classic, traditional, eclectic, or modern, we make your holiday dream home a reality. At Groen Landscape, we believe in the true spirit of the holidays, and we are eager to help you create the picturesque space that you desire this year.

  • Customized Lighting Packages
  • Roofline Lighting
  • Tree and Shrub Lighting
  • Holiday Decor
  • LED Lighting
  • Holiday Displays
Tier 1- $1,200
Tier 2- $2,200
Tier 3 (1 of 2)- $3,900-4,900

Tier 1 - $1,200

Tier 2 - $2,200

Tier 3 - $3,900

Take the Season to the Next Level with Our Holiday Lighting and Décor Services

The experts at Groen Landscape employ a collaborative approach to holiday lighting and décor, so you are able to add your own personal tastes to the end result. We help you develop a design that highlights the architectural and other features, so your home truly shines.