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There are few things more enjoyable than spending time outdoors. In fact, studies show that just 15 minutes in nature can offer psychological restoration. But for those living in St. John, ‘green space’ may not be readily available, except, perhaps, on one’s own property. Which is one of the many reasons that investing in landscaping services can serve you well. Reach out to our St. John landscapers at Groen Landscape today to learn more.

Why You Should Consider Landscape Services for Your St. John Property

There are numerous reasons that you should consider investing in landscaping for your St. John property, beginning with the fact that, as mentioned above, spending time in nature is good for you. Our St. John landscapers can transform your outdoor space into an area that’s quiet, serene, and very green. By planting trees, shrubs, and flowers, installing a water feature and perhaps an outdoor fireplace, and putting in a patio, you’ll have a spot in nature that’s all yours, perfect for enjoying solo or with family and friends.

In addition to investing in your own health and wellbeing, a beautiful landscape may increase the value of your property, too. Not only will your landscape improve your curb appeal, but it may make the property more attractive to prospective buyers, and may even mean that your home will sell for more. If you are the owner of a business and are considering commercial landscape services, a beautiful landscape may attract prospective customers.

And don’t forget about the environmental benefits of landscaping! Landscaping can help to mitigate erosion, add nutrients to the soil, provide shade and cooling benefits, combat pollutants, and absorb CO2. When you invest in landscaping, you’re investing in the health of the planet.

How to Get Started

If you know that landscaping is something that you want to pursue for your home or business, the first step is reaching out to our team of landscape professionals at Groen Landscape. We offer free estimates for all landscape projects and are happy to sit down with you to discuss your vision for your property during a consultation.

Once we have an idea of your goals and vision, our designers will get to work on turning your vision into reality. We will create a multi-dimensional, 3D image of the design for your review – this allows you to see exactly what the finished product will look like, and voice any concerns or ideas you have before work actually begins.

Once you approve the design, all you have to do is schedule an installation date and sit back and relax. Our professional team will handle all elements of the installation phase. We work with the best in the business, and we take pride in what we do. You can view some of our finished projects on our website to get an idea of the quality of our work.

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A beautiful landscape is something that you’ll enjoy for years to come and will keep on giving. To request your free estimate, please reach out to our St. John landscapers by phone or send us a message using the contact form on our website. We are excited to begin working with you!

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Groen Landscape now offers 0% financing for all landscape projects. Contact us for more information.

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