Schererville Landscape Design

Schererville Landscape Design

Creating Beautiful Outdoor Spaces for Home and Business Owners in Schererville

Landscaping is more than just planting flowers; it is an artistic process that involves assessing a space and understanding its capabilities. Indeed, at Groen Landscape, we believe that the best landscapers are those who can see beyond dirt and grass, and are true visionaries. When you call our team, we guarantee a landscape design process that is comprehensive, inclusive, and meets all of your criteria.

Why Landscape?

There are multiple benefits of landscaping, starting with the fact that professional landscape services make your yard or property look better. Curb appeal can go a long way when attracting customers, increasing the value of your home, or even just creating a space that you love to look at.

But landscaping is about way more than just aesthetics; good landscaping can:

  • Filter pollutants (plants are great for this!) and promote health;
  • Promote more time outdoors and therefore a more active lifestyle;
  • Be used to create relaxing, tranquil spaces that reduce stress;
  • Create privacy from neighbors;
  • Reduce stormwater runoff;
  • Reduce soil degradation;
  • Control erosion; and
  • Increase comfort and create a more attractive area for entertaining, spending time, etc.

As demonstrated by the above, landscaping has environmental, health, social, aesthetic, and economic (increasing home value) benefits.

Our Design Process – What to Expect When You Work with Groen Landscape

Our goal is to create a work of art, using your property as our canvas. Together, we transform your vision for your yard into a reality. This process includes:

  • Consultation. The first step of our process is a consultation with you where we can assess your property and sit down and discuss your landscape goals and desires.
  • 3D plan. After we have a better idea of what we’re working with and what you want the finished product to look like, we create a 3D plan that incorporates everything discussed during the initial consultation. Our 3D images are very detailed, and we can create these plans for custom patios, outdoor living areas, plant installation, landscape remodels, and more.
  • Selection of materials. Once you sign off on the 3D plan that we present to you, we will guide you through the many different materials that will be used in your landscape project. From paver, plant, and tree selection, you will have a lot of thinking to do – we will answer any questions you have, and help you to understand the benefits of certain materials, plants, etc. for your yard, needs, and budget.

Once we know exactly what the finished product will look like, we get to work. We work hard to complete your landscape project as fast as possible while still maintaining quality and craftsmanship.  

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Landscaping is one of the best ways to improve the value of your property and create a space that you love to look at and spend time in. When you work with Groen Landscape, we will help you to create the yard that you have always dreamed of.

Our professionals are trained and certified, and a great customer experience is always our top priority. We encourage you to check out some photos of our work on our website, and to contact us to schedule your appointment. You can reach us at 219-712-9528, or by sending us a message that includes your name, contact information, and a brief description of what services you’re interested in. We hope to hear from you soon!

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Groen Landscape now offers 0% financing for all landscape projects. Contact us for more information.

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