Orland Park Landscape Design

Orland Park Landscape Design

Transforming an Orland Park, IL Home with Landscape Design

Whether or not you’ve thought much about it, the land surrounding your property has just as much value as the structure of your home itself, and can offer just as many benefits. Indeed, while a yard may not be able to shelter you from the storm or keep you warm on the coldest months of the year, it can offer a place for relaxation, play, and socialization. Yards also have a number of other functional benefits too, like providing trees for shade, or growing vegetables or flowers for food or beauty.

Indeed, there is no doubt that landscape design can transform your property for the better. To learn more about landscape design and schedule a consultation with Groen Landscape, call our team of artists today.

How We Create Landscapes in Orland Park that Wow

When we take on a new landscaping project, the very first thing we do is perform a thorough assessment of the space we’re working with. From there, our artists and creators meet with a homeowner to discuss the homeowner’s vision for the landscape, budget, and overall goals (i.e. function, aesthetic appeal, environmental benefits, etc.). Then, we design a landscape that is truly impressive, and which includes a landscape master plan, 3D image, and walkthrough video that provides a detailed description of what the finished project will look like. Once a homeowner gives the go-ahead, we move forward to material and plant selection, and then onto manual labor.

There is no landscape project that is too big or too small for our team to take on. Not only do we focus on plant installation–which is a huge part of nearly all landscape projects that we perform–but we can also:

  • Install pavers;
  • Install patios;
  • Install ponds and water features;
  • Install outdoor living areas;
  • Install outdoor kitchens; and
  • Design and install any other custom landscape features a homeowner desires.

When you work with Groen Landscape, you’ll get more than just a team who prioritizes quality and craftsmanship – you’ll be working with a team of artists who are passionate about creating beautiful landscapes.

Landscape Design in Orland Park Is Worth it

If you’re not sure that hiring a professional landscaping company for your property is worth it, consider that professional landscaping and landscape design can have a number of benefits that a do-it-yourself approach often lacks. These include:

  • Professional finish;
  • Improved property value;
  • Environmental benefits;
  • Social benefits;
  • Fewer hiccups and setbacks along the way (a professional has a solid plan); and
  • Peace of mind.

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We are passionate about landscape design in Orland Park, and we think that once you meet with us, see our ideas for your property, and look at photos of some of our past work, you’ll be as passionate about our company as we are about beautiful design. To schedule a consultation with our team where you can learn more, please call us at 219-712-9258. You can also send us an email at info@groenlandscape.com, or use our online contact form to tell us a little bit more about what you’re looking for.

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Landscape Financing Available

Groen Landscape now offers 0% financing for all landscape projects. Contact us for more information.

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