About Us

Mission Statement
To design, build, and maintain quality landscapes while offering exceptional customer service to our clients.



Founded in 2010, Groen Landscape has quickly become known as one of Northwest Indiana’s premier landscape companies. Most known for attention to detail, creative design, customer service, and quality installation. Groen Landscape is set up to design and install any type of landscape project, maintain high-end residential homes, commercial sites and provide a great customer experience. We offer a selection of services that include landscape design and build, lawn/landscape maintenance, snow removal, and holiday décor.


Certified ICPI Installers

Every Groen Landscape Crew is led by a certified ICPI installer. Our certified installers have passed the national certification test and installed well over 10,000 square feet of pavers. All crews are trained to construct your project to the latest national industry standards.

Chad Groen, Landscape Professional

Crayton Caudill, Landscape Professional